Divorce & Divorce Mediation

Top 5 reasons why you should not represent yourself in a Divorce

  1. Significant Risks:  You risk giving up rights you were not even aware you had.
  2.  Wasted time and Expense: Your divorce could cost more than the Attorney fees you’re attempting to save because of your lack of knowledge on how to navigate the courts. 
  3. Spouse Represented: If your spouse has an attorney, you’re at a significant disadvantage.
  4.  Court procedures and Timing requirements you need to be aware of and Complicated Paperwork needs to be submitted. :  Judges and Court Staff are not allowed to provide you with any advice or guidance.
  5. Divorce is a very emotional process. Oftentimes its difficult for a person going through the process to make decisions that are in their best interest.


No two DIVORCES are alike.  The length of the divorce process varies depending on the complexity of the case and how far apart the parties are on the issues.  Most divorces however go through the same stages

  1. Commencement: One spouse files for divorce the other spouse files a response
  2. Discovery phase: Establishes what assets and debts exist and whether they are individual or marital.  This process can be complex when it involves valuing businesses, retirement accounts, stock, or hidden assets.
  3. Negotiation: Through written exchanges between the attorneys or conferences.
  4. Negotiation Fails: Unresolved issues must be presented at trial before a Judge. 

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