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Legal Representation v. Mediation

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Divorce Mediation is a good and cost-effective option if you and your spouse are fully open to the process, where you do not suspect that your spouse is hiding assets and  in instances where you and your spouse are close to an agreement but just need assistance with resolving a few issues.

However, if you and your spouse cannot compromise and are far apart on the issues or you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, mediation is probably not the best course of action.  Retaining an Attorney, who would fight for what’s in your best interest and guide you to make the best decisions for you would be the prudent road to take.

Although some claim that mediation costs less that a traditional divorce, that is not always the case  After mediation, the parties are advised to seek  independent legal review of the proposed agreement and it is at this point that negotiations might break down because one party ( or both)  realizes that they are not getting the best agreement for them.  When this happens one party commences legal action, basically starting the process over resulting in wasted time and money.

My firm offers expert Legal Representation AND Mediation Services at affordable prices, so you DO NOT have to choose how to proceed with your divorce solely based on cost.

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Wendy E. Hamberger, Esq.

Trained Mediator, Master Candidate in Forensic Psychology

After receiving her BA in Economics and Political Science, she worked as a legislative aid for Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn oversee community outreach in the legislator’s district…

Recipient of Tom Maligno Pro Bono Attorney of the Year

Divorce Law

Divorce Mediation

Hopeless and upset couple in therapy. Counseling or meeting with marriage counselor or adoption psychologist. Argument and dispute about divorce, alimony, prenup, cheating, betrayal or custody battle.

The decision to get a divorce is a difficult and life changing one.  We have the experience and expertise necessary to help navigate you through this often overwhelming and confusing process and will assist you in making the best decisions possible.

Support disputes
Custody/Visitation disputes

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MEDIATION is an informal, consensual and private conflict resolution process.  It gives parties the opportunity to discuss their issues and find areas of agreement.

Health Care Proxy


HEALTH CARE PROXY is when you appoint a health care agent, someone to make health care decisions if you are incapacitated

Living Wills

Living Will

A LIVING WILL is  a legal document expressing an individual’s medical treatment preferences in the event they become unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate.

Last Will and Testament


A LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT is a written legal document that takes effect upon death.

Power Of Attorney


POWER OF ATTORNEY is a legal document in which one person appoints an agent to perform certain acts or functions on their behalf.